Machu Picchu Hydroelectric Power Plant

  • TIMEFRAME: 2009 - 2013
General Info
  • Client: EGEMSA
  • Power (MW): 98
  • Volume (m3/seg) : 31
Main Quantities
  • Concrete (m3) : 22,900
  • Tunnel (km) : 3 km long with cross sections to 130 m3
  • Turbines: 1 x 98 Francis type
  • Man Hours (MM): 5,5

The project is located in a protected area so the care of the national historic sanctuary was prioritized.

It is Peru's most important hyrdroelectric power plant. It is located in the cradle of the Inca civilization, at the Urubamba province, department of Cusco. It uses the water resources provided by the Vilcanota River.

Our services included:

The scope of the work comprises the design of the electromechanical works at a detailed engineering level, transport, supply, assembly, testing and start-up of a Francis-type generating unit; as well as experimental operation. Civil works include preliminary works, modification of the existing headrace tunnel, construction of a new intake, a surge tank, two sand traps and a new cavern powerhouse; in addition to the appropriate output power substation.