“Serving our customers since 1933, we became the oldest and largest construction company in Perú.”

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Serving our customers since 1933, we became the oldest and largest construction company in Peru. We have developed, over our history, countless projects in all construction sectors: Infrastructure, Energy, Buildings, Mining, Oil, Industry, among others. Over the course of the different projects, we have partnered with leading construction companies in the world, such as Bechtel, Fluor, Dumez GTM (Vinci), Aker Solutions, etc.

To the convenience of our customers, we have developed their projects in different forms: With or without financing, through the turnkey mode, EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) mode, among others.

GyM offers its services to all the companies in the country and in the rest of Latin America, making available to its customers a team of professionals and technicians highly specialized and experienced.

We have a fleet of art equipment which complies with the highest standards of maintenance. We are a leading company that certifies compliance with all its projects “Before the Deadline”, with the quality and reliability that our customers require.

As part of its corporate identity (vision, mission and values), the Corporation implemented a new stage a few years ago, in which social responsibility is formally inserted into the development of its operations.

The Graña y Montero Style that identifies us and distinguishes us

The history begins in 1933 when the founders decided to join together in order to "combine knowledge to perform any work", visionary statement that collects the origin of the Graña y Montero’s style.

Values such as Quality, Compliance, Reliability and Efficiency as well as the strategies outlined by the organization do not arise from chance or a short-term perspective, they arise from the principles or foundations of a great collective work called Graña y Montero. In a style that allows us to get closer to our purpose of being "the most reliable Infrastructure and Engineering Services Group in Latin America".

The following has always been present in the Graña y Montero´s history: passion for learning, respect and commitment to people and their knowledge, responsible autonomy as well as a great ability to anticipate the challenges of the future and respond to the expectations of our clients, employees and other stakeholders.

Graña y Montero is a history consistent with its values and commitment to Peru. The continuous effort to be useful to society has always been present by transcending from ethics and example, doing things with a close and horizontal leadership that generates confidence and being attentive to our client's perception about the practice of our values and going further our contractual obligations.

The Graña y Montero’s Style shows how we do things in the organization, our style that differentiates us from other companies and the basis for reaching 81 years successfully.

The Graña y Montero Style

Book 80 years

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