As part of its corporate identity (vision, mission and values), the Corporation implemented a new stage a few years ago, in which social responsibility is formally inserted into the development of its operations.


GyM’s success results from the respect given to our four corporate core values, which are:

Compliance Before the Deadline

A few years ago we established the “Before the Deadline” policy, which consists on our commitment to finishing all our engagements “Before the Deadline” of the contract.

To prove this, we have set the objective to obtain letters from all our customers confirming the compliance and to certify this through independent auditors. Each year Pricewaterhouse Coopers, a consulting firm, certifies the compliance of all contracts, obtaining a result of 100% in recent years.


We have always considered that our prestige was due to the high quality of our works. This is something we can count on and we even talk about the “Graña y Montero Quality”, as something that goes beyond the standard.

Recently, we have extended this concept to the “Quality of Service” policy, which includes not only international quality standards but also Risk Prevention and Environmental respect standards.

Reliability and Ethics Charter

On one occasion when we conducted a survey among customers, employees and general public, we found out that the adjective with which the image of Graña y Montero was most commonly identified was “Reliability.”

To ensure and guarantee this policy, we have an “Ethics Charter” with precepts embraced by all the employees of the Group and which defines our relationship with customers, personnel, the community, and the principle of honesty in business practices.


A few years ago, we decided to set Efficiency as one of our core values and to make an effort to improve productivity and efficiency in all our business areas, reducing our costs and enhancing our production margins.

This is depicted in planning, productivity and operation control processes supported by tools such as Plan Maestro (Master Plan), Look Ahead, Constraints Analysis, activities compliance analysis, letters of balance and activities.