As part of its corporate identity (vision, mission and values), the Corporation implemented a new stage a few years ago, in which social responsibility is formally inserted into the development of its operations.

Social Responsibility

Our Sustainability Model: Grow and Share

We guarantee the responsible management of our business and contribute to the growth of the societies in which we operate. Thus, we ensure the trust required to endure over time.

Our sustainability model is based on the Graña y Montero Style and on our corporate values of quality, compliance, seriousness and efficiency, which are transmitted by example and determine how we do things in the Group.

We seek to GROW by a responsible management of our operations. Thus, in addition to profitability and technical quality, we define five priority matters on which we focus our internal management efforts: ethical behavior, personal development, safety, environment and communication.

Based on this good internal management, we SHARE our experience and knowledge with our suppliers, clients and communities, contributing to generate responsible citizenship. As a result, we strengthen trust and generate a virtuous circle of development, where both the company and society win.

Sustainability Report

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