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Cerro Verde II

  • TIMEFRAME: 2013 - 2015
General Info
  • Client: Fluor
  • Plant Capacity (t/day): 240,000
Main Quantities
  • Concrete (m3): 24,500
  • Structure Erection (t): 167,000
  • Ball Mills: 6 of 27' x 48'
  • Man Hours (MM): 15

The expansion of the world's largest copper concentrator plant was built in record time.

GyM built the concentrator plant in just 24 months - fulfilling the estimated time and budget for the work - and dedicating more than 15 million hours of work and the participation of 2,600 employees at the peak of the work.

In this way, our customer tripled its production from 120,000 tons per day to 360,000 tons. This will increase its annual production to 600 million pounds of copper and 15 million pounds of molybdenum approximately. This makes Cerro Verde one of the most emblematic copper mine in the region.

Our services included:

- Concrete, electrical and instrumentation work for the concentrator plant.
- Civil works, steel structure and electromechanical erection of two primary crushers and conveyor belts.